Uses of “Like”

Like ‘can be used as a verb or as a preposition. There are several common questions with ‘like’ that are easy to confuse.

What’s he like? ‘What … like?’ Is used to inquire about the character of a person or object and is of a general nature.

What does he like? – This use of the verb ‘Like’ is for general preferences. ‘Like’ as a verb is usually followed by the ‘ing’ form of the verb (I like playing tennis).

What does she look like? – ‘Like’ is used as a preposition to express yourself about a physical appearance. In this case, ‘like’ can also mean ‘similar to’ if you are making comparisons with other people.

What would you like to drink? – Another common use of ‘like’ is a ‘would like’ to express desires. Note that ‘would like’ is followed by the infinitive form of the verb and not by the ‘-ing’ form.

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