My childhood

In January 1988, I was at primary school and in January 2000, I was at college! I left primary school in September 1995 and went to a secondary school three kilometres from my house. I got the bus every day at 7.30am and didn’t get home until 5 o’clock in the evening. What a difficult life!

My family bought a colour TV in 1991 and a new video recorder the next year. In 1994, I got a bicycle and my uncle bought me a computer the next year.

I left my school in 2000 and decided to go to college before I went to university. But before that, I went walking in France alone for four months and then travelled around Japan for three months with my best friend. For the first six months of 2003, I got a job in a shoe shop and then went to university in October 2003 in London.


1. What time did ____________ the bus?

2. ____________ he get home every day?

3. When did ____________ buy a colour TV?

4. Who ____________ him a computer in 1994?
His uncle.

5. ____________ he walk around France for?
Four months.

6.  ____________ to college in 2000 after school?
No, he didn’t.

7. Who did he go to ____________ ?
His best friend.

8. Where ____________ in 2003?
A shoe shop.

9. ____________ did he work there for?
Six months.


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